Our People

Our people come from a diverse range of backgrounds, including psychology, research, consulting, academia, graphic design, information technology, web-design and systems administration.

Dr Rebecca Sheils (Director)

Rebecca is a registered psychologist with a PhD in clinical psychology. With over 15 years’ experience in research Rebecca is now responsible for directing research programs and services in the financial services sector including;

  • the Consumers Choice Awards (assisting consumers in choosing life, trauma and TPD, and income protection insurance policies and providers);
  • the Life Insurance Performance Barometer (including the Claimant Journey Study, Adviser Experience Study, Policyholder Perceptions Study);
  • the Most Trusted Advisers Network (based on the Adviser Trust! Score® and client surveys on behalf of advisers and practices);
  • Practice Benchmarking (including financial performance, business structure, HR, business systems and processes);
  • Licensee Adviser and Practice of the Year Awards,
  • Staff engagement and membership surveys for organisations such as the AFA;
  • Participation on the ‘AFA Adviser and Practice of the Year Awards’ judging panel; and
  • the Financial Advice Competency Framework

Deborah Gordon (Commercial Director)

Deborah brings to the Beddoes Institute a wealth of knowledge and experience of the financial services accumulated over 30 years exposure to the industry.  Over her diverse career, Deborah has experienced almost every facet of the industry, from running her own Specialist Risk Practice to working across multiple roles within Insurance Companies distribution teams.  Her experience provides Beddoes with unique insights into the world of Financial services.

Rebecca Lingam (Project Manager)

Rebecca has a Masters in Media and Communications from Swinburne University and is a Project Manager at Beddoes. Rebecca is currently overseeing the Policyholder Perceptions Study, The Claims Journey Study and the Adviser Study.

Phil Warne-Smith (IT Operations Manager)

Phil works to maintain Beddoes Institute’s technology systems, provide technical support to the Beddoes Institute team and maintains the Institute compliance with national data security and privacy regulations.

Diane Atwell (Leading Practices Program Coordinator)

Diane has over 25 years’ experience in Accounts and Office Management. She has worked in a wide range of industries including vocational guidance, construction and mining reporting, and corporate accounting.

Dave Burt (Database Manager)

Dave oversees the Beddoes Institute data processing and presentation software.  He works with a broader technology team to present insights through rapid and innovative web apps to suit our clients’ needs in addition to taking care of Beddoes web servers, data synchronistion, backups and analytics.

Peter O’Sullivan (Developer)

Peter has a background in software development and delivery of I.T solutions. Peter’s strength is digital development and he is always looking for innovative ways to expand Allori’s digital services.

Carson Su (Ruby On Rails Developer)

Carson has years of experience in software development with multiple languages. At Beddoes, Carson is focusing on web development with Ruby On Rails and contributing a deeper understanding of web related technologies and comprehensive solutions for day-to-day development tasks.

David Lieu (Business Analyst)

David is a financial analyst with 10+ years of experience in media, energy, market research and the service industry. He is always looking to challenge current operations, develop innovative solutions to problems and drive positive change across the business. Qualified as a mathematician, he has a strong affinity with numbers and large data sets.

Nicole Paton (Graphic and Web Designer)

Nicole is a unique individual who thoroughly enjoys a mix of creative and technical work. Her passion for working creatively is well utilised at Beddoes Institute through a variety of visual design tasks for both print and digital media. This is complimented by the technical challenges of developing user interfaces for advanced websites and applications.