Adviser Discovery Platform

This is a data platform containing detailed profiles of all financial advisers, advice businesses and AFSLs in Australia. It’s updated weekly to keep users abreast of adviser movements and industry trends and is unrivalled in terms of its adviser market coverage, the breadth of profiling attributes and the quality of data. We understand business units will use it differently:

  • Distribution heads can view the size of the industry, an AFSL or the movement within an adviser cohort.
  • Adviser Onboarding Teams may beinterested in understanding the tenure of an adviser with current or past AFSLs, the educations standards, breach status of an adviser or the size of an unfamiliar AFSL before offering and an agreement.
  • Key Account Teams can view who is joining or leaving AFSLs before committing to sponsorship.
  • Sales teams may belooking for new advisers within key dealer groups, or who are new to the industry, who have moved AFSLs or who have become self-licensed, or they may want a warm introduction by viewing an advisers profile before a call

The deliverables include:

  • An online platform with an adviser, practice and AFSL advanced search modules allowing the user to filter and view the profiles of advisers, practices and AFSLs of interest, as well as create tags and favourites.
  • An industry trends module which tracks and reports on the number of advisers entering and exiting the industry overall and/or for different segments of interest (e.g. AFSLs, states, advisers with degree qualifications etc.).
  • For companies on a 3+3 year contract, total market data files can be delivered on an ongoing basis that can be merged into insurer’s existing systems (e.g. Salesforce, dynamics etc.). This eliminates the need for maintaining the quality and accuracy of CRM data, resulting in significant cost savings to insurers.