Client Experience Survey

The Beddoes Institutes Client Experience Survey (CES) is a market-leading and validated industry tool that is used as part of the screening and assessment process for many industry and Licensee Awards programs, including the AFA Adviser and Practice of the Year Awards.

It is a comprehensive client feedback tool that is aligned with the business structure and processes of financial advice practices, whilst simultaneously tapping into advice client needs and experiences across a range of touch-points that reflect the various ways in which financial advice practices interact with clients.

It is highly actionable and empowers your business to:

  • Thoroughly understand your clients’ experiences across all interactions they have with your business;
  • Tailor services more specifically to meet your clients’ needs;
  • Strengthen client relationships;
  • Improve client retention;
  • Enhance business offerings and processes; and
  • Truly realise the full potential of your business.

To allow you to be more involved in the Client Experience Survey process, we developed the Beddoes Research Platform. This allows you to add or edit clients during the fieldwork period and monitor their response rates in real-time.

The survey has been designed as a continuous business improvement program and by repeating the survey every one to two years, you will receive tracking reports showing how your client service and business performance has changed (improved or otherwise) over time.

All advisers that participate in Client Experience Survey are assessed against the eligibility criteria for Beddoes’ Most Trusted Advisers (MTA) Network. Those who qualify are invited to join and are profiled and promoted to their peers and consumers on the MTA website. To learn more about the Most Trusted Advisers Network, click here.


Client Insights Report


A comprehensive report containing:

· A breakdown of your practice’s performance across KPIs and customer touch-points

· Benchmarking against Beddoes’ high performing practices and the top practice on every metric

· Client verbatim comments about your practice exactly as they have been written by your clients

Adviser Scorecards A scorecard report for each adviser in the practice containing:

· A breakdown of how he/she performs in the eyes of his/her clients

· Benchmarking against Beddoes’ high performing advisers and the top adviser on every metric

· Client verbatim comments exactly as they have been written by the adviser’s clients

Client Insights Tracking Report · For practices repeating the survey, a Tracking Report providing year-on-year performance ratings enabling you to track practice’s performance over time and evaluate the effectiveness of any improvement initiatives you have undertaken
Client Insights Data File · A excel data file containing the names of clients that have given permission for their identity to be disclosed, their ratings and comments they have provided about their experiences working with your practice and their adviser

· Their individual Adviser Trust! Score (AT!S®) which can be used to segment clients into high and low value segments

Data to Decision-Making Presentation · A presentation that is available via the Beddoes Research Platform that will allow you to interpret that data in your reports and give you guidelines on how to best explain the report findings to your staff.