‘The Innovation Matrix’ 2015, Zurich and Beddoes Institute

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To say 2014 was challenging for advisers is an understatement of the highest order. The year started with a scandal and ended with two enquiries, punctuated by the FOFA ‘to-and-fro’; it was dominated by a dialogue that was negative in tone, and which tried to paint advisers and consumers as being in opposite corners. All this sat against a backdrop of the ongoing technology revolution and rapid social change.  As this whitepaper proves, advisers aren’t ‘bunkering down’ though, they are getting on with what they do and know best – making the lives of their clients better.

Beddoes Institute gathers data from leading financial advice practices, including practices from all major dealer groups as well as those that have their own AFSL. Accordingly, this report reviews performance trends from some of the best practices in the Australian financial advice sector. It is this segment of Financial Advice Practices that are typically responsible for a disproportionately large amount of their dealer groups’ revenue and which are therefore worthy of a focused study. In addition, the responses of these leading practices to the changing Australian market may be instructional to the rest of the sector.

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Executive Summary
Chapter 1: Key Advice Trend Analysis – Trends in the Client Experience at Leading Practices
Chapter 2: Key Advice Trend Analysis – Business Trends at Leading Practices
Chapter 3: Pillars of Business Success and the Innovation Agenda for 2015
Appendix A – Detailed Methodology
Glossary of Business Success Tools