The Trusted Adviser – Honoring the client at every turn’, 2013, the AFA, Zurich and the Beddoes Institute

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This white paper identified those characteristics that set leading financial advisory practices apart from their peers. A mapping of the customer journey throughout the various stages of the advice process and adviser relationship was informed by deep insights into the areas consumers’ value most in the relationship with their adviser. At the heart of the blueprint to becoming a leading advice practice – as articulated by that paper – is the building of capabilities in the four key areas that matter most to clients

As an extension of the ‘Pathways to Excellence’ research, this white paper ‘The Trusted Adviser’, takes a deeper dive into the area that clients find most important, the qualities of their individual adviser.  A central premise in this paper is that trust between an adviser and a client is vital. In the words of one client; “Trust is about caring, understanding, listening and explaining what is required”.  Importantly, trusted relationships grow rather than just appear, they involve both cognitive and emotional aspects and are two way and personal.


Table of Contents

About the Authors 4
Executive Summary 5
Method 8
The ‘What’ and ‘Why’ of Trust 9
The Profile of a Trusted Adviser 10
The Qualities of Trusted Advisers 16
Technical Skills and Expertise 16
Interpersonal Skills and Emotional Intelligence Differentiate the Best Advisers 18
The Trusted Adviser ‘Blueprint’ 21
References 24