Beddoes Institute’s Leading Practices ProgramTM is an evidence-based solution to the challenge of building profitable and sustainable financial advice practices.

We at Beddoes Institute understand the challenges faced in building sustainable financial advice practices. With evidence pointing to a decline in consumer demand, an uncertain economic environment, significant legislative reform and an ever-changing competitive landscape, advisers need to think and act differently to ensure the ongoing viability of their practices.

The lifeline of any business is its customer base – nothing is more important to long-term business success than exceptional customer service. Financial advice practices are no exception.

Exceptional customer service:

  • Helps build strong and enduring relationships with customers;
  • Drives repeat business;
  • Leads to more profitable customers;
  • Creates positive word of mouth, the cheapest and most effective form of advertising;
  • Provides a point of difference from competitors;
  • Positively impacts the workplace and improves staff engagement and retention; and
  • Shows customers you care.

Given the impact of service delivery on the bottom-line, knowing what works and what doesn’t (and which initiative is most urgently needed next) can no longer be left to intuition.

Beddoes Institute’s Leading Practices ProgramTM takes the guesswork out of designing and delivering your customer service program. This is a cost-effective, evidence-based program designed specifically to optimise your clients’ experience, drive profitability and ensure the long-term sustainability of your business.