Program Overview

Program modules

The Leading Practices ProgramTM features three key modules.

  1. Client Experience Survey – to identify your practice’s strengths and weaknesses;
  2. Practice Benchmarking – to understand your practice’s relative position in the market; and
  3. Leading Practices Library – to inform action planning.

Program framework

Customer experience is the product of all interactions and touch-points with a business. Through extensive qualitative research, involving several top performing financial advice practices, Beddoes Institute has accurately identified the specific touch-points between financial advice practices and their clients that influence the customer experience. We call these ‘Customer Touch-Points’.

The ‘Customer Touch-Points’ cover key operational, sales and marketing elements within successful financial advice practices. These form the measurement dimensions in the Client Experience Survey, they are the categories used for Practice Benchmarking and they provide the structure for the Leading Practices Library.

Program delivery

The Leading Practices ProgramTM is delivered via a secure, self-service web portal giving you 24-hour access to:

  • Your Client Experience Survey results and associated business diagnostics;
  • Live benchmark data showing how your practice compares to others at any point in time;
  • New content in our Leading Practices Library;
  • Additional program modules, as needed;
  • Online support and the answers to frequently asked questions (FAQs); and
  • Relevant program documents and resource material.

The interactive web portal has been designed in consultation with ‘top’ adviser practices. It can be accessed by nominated users from your practice with training provided via online screen-casts. User manuals and technical help are also available.

A ‘Continuous Improvement Program’